'l'Expressio del Priorat', Mas La Mola 2021

  • £20.00

The red wines of this small but beautiful and rugged region of Catalonia are typically powerful, intense and even unforgiving, taking years to soften. This well-priced example from winemakers Jordi Masdeu and Alessandro Marchesan which is aged just a short time in oak has all the depth you'd expect but is much more approachable when young, with lots of ripe, juicy berry and cherry fruit and herbal notes but gentle rounded tannins and the underlying mineral freshness that is the hallmark of Priorat, supposedly thanks to its slate or 'llicorella' soils.

70% Garnacha Negra & 30% Carignano

Priorat, Spain

 14.5% ABV

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